About BCI Group

Creatively – Building – Impossibilities

What started as an entrepreneurial venture between two friends quickly grew into a thriving holding company.Although our journey has only recently started we have accomplished so much already. BCI began in the latter part of 2016 under the directorship of Conrad du Toit and Byrone Rubenstein. And looking ahead we are expectant that the future holds much greater things. As partners, we bring to the table invaluable and vast experience in the corporate environment, foam and sporting industries respectively.

Today we are a leading wholesale and retail supplier of affordable and diversified foam products. We pride ourselves in being a holistic lifestyle brand offering high quality innovative foam products. Our continuously expanding product lines cater for residential, commercial and the sports industries. We believe our core values truly support our vision and embodies the company values that undergirds all that we do at BCI – Creatively – Building – Impossibilities

• Stewardship
• Creativity
• Excellence
• Diversity

The BCI group is the parent company of three unique and diversified companies, all of which strive to take things to the next level and making things even more excellent. Namely:

• Absolute Foam – Cut Size Convert
• Continental Sport Zone – Your complete Brand & Sport Ambassador
• Family Furniture – ‘Cause we love what we do!
• Silver Lining Bed & Mattress – Enhancing Wellness Through Luxurious Sleep